Kogarah Art Prize

6 June 2016
Join our Art Tutor, Kevin McKay, at the Kogarah Art Prize displaying his painting "The Cobbler's House". Everyone is invited to join the Mayor, Councillor Stephen Agius and the judge, Dr Gene Sherman, on Opening Night for the winners’ announcement - 7pm, Friday 10 June 2016 at Kogarah Library and Cultural Centre. RSVP by 8 June to 9330 9580.
Kevin McKay - Cobblers House

ARTIST STATEMENT - The Cobbler’s House, 2016.  Oil on canvas, 46 x 61 cm

I frequently park in front of a pink house opposite the Kogarah High School, where I teach evening art classes for St George and Sutherland Community Collge, and admire its softening tones in the fading light. 

This modest home stands incongruously at the end of a retail strip on Regent Street.  Decorative fascia give it a fairytale charm in contrast with the blank shuttered windows that seem to resist the outside world and yet, through its banal geometry, reflect its influence.

This house (originally green) was purchased by a post WWII immigrant who ran the cobbler shop next door from 1950-1990.  He raised a family in this home, where the matriarch still resides, and which remains as a legacy to the individual histories that contribute to the building of this multicultural community. 


Artist - Kevin McKay

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