Barbara Fitz-Patrick - Music

LEISURE-TUTOR-Barbara Fitz-Patrick.

Having always loved the sound of the banjo, in 1998 Barbara finally took up courage and began bluegrass banjo lessons with Doug Dekroo. Several years later, she was persuaded to play in her first annual student concert. In 2002 Barbara joined the Bluegrass Society meetings in Annandale where she heard live bands play bluegrass music for the first time. While there, she tried my hand at jamming with other musicians and playing on stage with the “Safety in Numbers Band”. Next Barbara joined the “Burnt Creek Deviation Band” and began to perform at different venues.

When Doug Dekroo set up his bluegrass band "Kentucky Moon” in 2006, Barbar became a founding member. Kentucky Moon has played at the Easter Show, Tamworth Country Music Festival, Brass Monkey, Union Hotel Newtown and many other venues. The band produced their first CD, ‘Kentucky Moon’ in 2013 and are embarking on their next tour in Tamworth in 2015. 

In 2010 Barbara began teaching bluegrass banjo from a home studio and in 2011 became a banjo teacher with the SGSCC at Jannali. Having learnt banjo as an adult, she believe all students can learn and enjoy the experience of playing music on this great instrument.