Our Tutors

Our tutors are qualified and experienced professionals who are some of the best in their field, meet some of them below:

LEISURE-TUTOR-Therese Hasham

Therese's introduction to Asian Art began in Hong Kong while working in her former profession as a cabaret dancer.  She spent three years performing in Honk Kong and the Philippines.


Julie is the Owner and Director of Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company in Sydney, and is well known on the dance scene as one of the best Ceroc teachers in Australia.    

LEISURE-TUTOR-Marianne Bateup

Marianne is a passionate Coach, Consultant & Trainer who loves to enable individuals, teams and businesses to increase their potential and resource utilisation.


John Chandler studied a variety of stringed musical instruments in the 1970’s including the Ukulele.


The Filing Fairies is a partnership between friends Jo Myers and Mara Morrison, who met working for an event management company.  It was there that they discovered their shared passion for order, l

LEISURE-TUTOR-Josie Draycott

I have been teaching Spanish at SGSCC for over 20 years.  Teaching Spanish is one of my passions as it is for all the Language Tutors at the College.


I am a qualified Counsellor and Facilitator with over 20 years experience working with clients in a variety of holistic modalities such as breathwork, meditation, holistic medicine and counselling.


Jessica is a writer, educator and business and communications consultant.

LEISURE-TUTOR-Mraia Christina Leira

Maria Christina is dedicated to helping people of all ages develop the knowledge of Spanish as a second language.


Krsnangi has been living a yogic lifestyle for over 27 years.  Her calming presence instils peace.  With her own personal experience with integrating yoga into her life for enriched daily living sh